Monday, August 2, 2010

Random Things

Day 21

Random things I've learned so far:

  1. Stores only stay open until 8:00 PM.
  2. Sunday is considered a family day.. NOTHING is open on Sunday to give employees time with their loved ones.
  3. There is a 19% tax on everything you buy.
  4. Exercise is a huge part of the German culture. They take family bike rides/walks all the time.
  5. There are nature trails in basically every village.
  6. Residents and visitors must recycle everything. The household 'trash' cans are smaller than most US bathroom trash cans. They can only be emptied every 2 weeks.
  7. When you buy beer or any bottled beverage you pay a glass deposit. You get the deposit back when you bring the empty glass bottles back.
  8. The tip is already included on bills at restaurants.
  9. You are charged for water at restaurants.
  10. It costs the same amount for a coke as it does a huge beer.
  11. Germans make the best taffy!
  12. Gas is EXPENSIVE!!! It costs about $100 to fill up a small car on the economy.
  13. There are huge vineyards everywhere.
  14. You cannot display anything related to the Nazi's. It's against the law in Germany.
  15. Cars have to be inspected every year and before purchased or sold to make sure they are in proper working condition for safety and the environment.
  16. Most Germans speak English.
  17. There is no air conditioning anywhere.
  18. You pay for heating year round. This reduces the cost when you are using it. Utilities are VERY expensive in Europe.
  19. You could be sentenced up to 5 years in prison for failure to yield to the right-of-way.
  20. There are trees everywhere. It is such a pretty place.


  1. At least most of the Germans speak some English, I bet that helps a lot. As far as the AC that is no bueno. We just hit 102 yesterday our hottest day of the summer. Hope its a little cooler over there. Also, did I miss your call yesterday? I received a missed call from a 4 digit number and you are about the only girlie I can think of that would have something that absurd. I sure do miss you and will be praying about your job!

  2. Heather, I am a terrible, neglectful friend. I just realized you commented on these posts. Unfortunately, it doesn't notify you or anything. I love you and I will pay more attention next time!